About Us

The Tahoe Arts Alliance was formed by a group of individuals involved in the arts on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe in 2017. After several open meetings inviting artsists, organizations and the general public, the Tahoe Arts Alliance was formed as a 501(c)3 Corporation with the mission to advocate, promote and connect the arts on the South Shore.

The TAA is a membership organization designed to provide a single, unified voice for all the arts and artists in the community as well as connect artists, organizations and the community together to enhance the arts on the South Shore.

As the TAA grows we hope to provide support to projects and organizations in the arts and in representing all the arts, provide recommendations and resources to planning and governing authorities.

The TAA will not be in competition with other artists or arts organizations in fundraising. In fact, the TAA will look to help augment funding opportunities for the arts on the South Shore by being able to apply for grants that fall outside of individuals or other organizations.

The goals and direction of the TAA are determined by the membership as governed by the Board of Directors. The Board is elected from the membership and is designed to represent all facets of the arts community.

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