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Scott Forrest

The art of Scott Forrest has graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Spin Magazine, Tahoe Quarterly and Tahoe Magazine. His work is part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. His most current series is at the Lisa Maloff Center at LTCC. Mr. Forrest’s work with top interior designers […]

Debbie Griest

Debbie Griest’s passion to create art is inspired by her respect and appreciation for wildlife and nature. She builds on her travel experiences through the savannas of Africa, the jungles of Central and South America, and the natural habitats throughout California and the US. When out in nature Debbie is drawn to the drama of […]

Ellen Nunes

I find incredible peace in painting. I spent the majority of 2019 working full time in my studio on a new project that has completely captivated my time and energy. Focusing on our beautiful National Treasure, Lake Tahoe, my goal has been to capture her essence, depth, and magnificence. Each one of my Lake paintings […]

Emanate Gallery: Art & Framing

Born out of a desire to host the best art and design that our mountain region has to offer, we are dedicated to promoting local artistic talent as well as creating an environment that inspires wonder and beauty in hearts and lives in our community. Combining years of framing experience and vast artistic ability we […]

Sarah Wells

Sarah is a board member with Tahoe Arts Alliance. She is the founder of Glass Garage Collective, a media and correspondence platform to celebrate and document creative culture. Based in Tahoe and founded in 2020, Glass Garage Collective hosts a mail art project, We Are All Guests Here with an ongoing call for submissions. In […]

Tahoe Production House

Brandi was born and raised in Lake Tahoe and is the owner of Tahoe Production House, a Creative Agency. She is currently sitting on the Advisory Board for Tahoe Regional Young Professionals, the Board of Directors for Barton Foundation and Boys and Girls Club, as well as involved in many community activities. Brandi holds a […]

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