Fundamental Freedoms Exhibit

Exhibition Title: Fundamental Freedoms

When: April 19th –  June 29th  2018,

Where: Foyer Gallery at LTCC

Artist introduction at 6:30pm. Wine will be served; all works are for sale. A percentage of sales will be donated in the buyer’s name to causes connected to the subject of the artwork.


Artist’s Statement, 2018

For the past year, I have been working on a collection of paintings which explore concepts of freedom. Freedom to vote, to learn, to explore, to escape violence and enslavement.

Since the presidential election, I have felt compelled to contribute in some way to the growing voice of protest. We are in the midst of a great societal and global paradigm shift, and I feel that the role of artists is to use this negative energy as a catalyst for creativity.

The pieces in this exhibition were all painted in the last 12 months. Some are still wet.

The portraits celebrate heroic efforts by committed, passionate individuals to fight for fundamental freedoms. Diverse as the figures depicted are, what they have in common is bravery, curiosity, creativity and a willingness to endure hardship to help others.

Other paintings in the collection draw attention to lost freedoms.

April 20th – Free community Showing of ‘He Named Me Malala’ in the Duke Theatre, at 5:30 pm. There will be a panel discussion afterwards, connecting the artwork to the film and the issues it raises.

Local schools are invited to bring groups to the show. Sierra House Elementary are bringing 5th and 6th Grade children to learn more about these issues. I will be giving them a tour.

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