Perry R Obray



Perry R Obray


Perry R. Obray grew up near San Jose California in a then small city called Fremont. Fremont was full of agriculture and the auto industry during the 60s and 70s. Recreation was huge in Fremont too. Perry moved to Lake Tahoe in 1983. Perry loves creating photos and videos of experiences to remember. Perry hopes that sharing media is enjoyable to people. Perry is involved in many roles related to media. Father’s photography business was a significant influence. Working in a dark room, and selling the photos during the non-digital era. Most of Perry’s digital media has been formatted to display on the internet. Perry’s photos appear in newsprint, casino gaming tokens, and t-shirts. Perry built a website with photos showcasing a nonprofit fund raising event. In over 30 years, the year Perry did the website photo expose, they had the most successful fundraising ever. Perry successfully completed about a 320 hour audio visual communications vocational program. Perry has attended media classes at 4 different schools. Perry is scheduled to graduate college with a digital media degree.