About the Alliance Awards

The Alliance Awards are designed to honor excellence in the arts through a peer-based, South Shore-wide adjudication process.

All TAA Members have the opportunity to be Alliance Awards Adjudicators! All you have to do is attend local arts events, nominate your favorites in the categories below, and vote!

All scores are then tabulated to determine that year’s
Alliance Awards Finalists and Alliance Awards Recipients.

Alliance Awards will be presented the 2nd Annual Arts Alliance Awards
Sunday, April 26, 2020
MontBleu Convention Center
5PM Raffle and Bar (Cash/Credit)
6PM Awards
After-party held at Lake Tahoe AleWorx Stateline
Nominee Pre-Party by Invitation

Eligibility Guidelines and important info

  • NO NOMINATION FEE THIS YEAR! (A nomination fee will likely be needed in the future to help produce an awesome award show.)
  • You must be a TAA Member in order to nominate and vote, with the exception of the Arts Innovator Award, which is open to the public.
  • Artists and events can be nominated through our nomination entry form. Companies may nominate their own shows and artists. NOTE: Your event is not automatically eligible just by adding it to the calendar.
  • Any dues-paying member is eligible to vote and is encouraged to vote on events attended throughout the year.


Visual Art


Photography (Landscape, Portraiture, Fine Art)
Illustration (Graphic, Press)
Ceramics (Practical)
Painting (Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media)
Public Art Installation (3D, Mural)
Overall Gallery
Art Show (Temporary)
Young Artist (High School & Under)



Leading Actress (Musical, Play)
Leading Actor (Musical, Play)
Supporting Actress (Musical Play)
Ensemble Cast
Overall Production
Best Overall Children’s Production (High School & Under)



Best Local Musician (Individual) Original Music
Best Local Musician (Individual) Cover Artist
Best Local Group Original Music
Best Local Group Cover Artists



Specialty Act (Circus, Fire Dancing, etc.)
Stage Choreography
Children’s Performance (High School & Under)

Other Performance


Best Comedy Show
Best Magician
Best Speaker
Best Improv Show

Arts Innovator Award

Submitted online by entire Tahoe Community (not just members) – a person or organization who has made an impact on the arts community in a creative or innovative way.

Evaluations Guidelines

Adjudicators should evaluate each aspect of each production on its own merits based on their training and professional experience.

Ballots are used to evaluate work in real time. At the end of a season the results of each ballot are tabulated and those meeting or surpassing the minimum ballot threshold (5+) will become a finalists in their category for that season.

For categories with multiple candidates sharing a line such as co-directors or musical group, please evaluate the work of the artists collectively.

Evaluations are made on a numeric basis using a range from 1 to 10, with the median 5 being considered average and acceptable. Please reference the chart below to give you a sense of what values to assign. Please try to not evaluate at the high or low extremes unless the situation truly merits that result.

  • 10 = Brilliant, Flawless, Best of the Best, World Class
  • 9    = Outstanding, Exceptional Throughout
  • 8    = Excellent, Exceptional in Many Ways
  • 7    = Very Good, Exceptional in Some Ways
  • 6    = Good, Better Than Average, Solid
  • 5    = Average, Meets Needs, No Notable Flaws, Decent
  • 4    = Below Average, Lacking in Some Way
  • 3    = Less Than Adequate, Some Notable Flaws
  • 2    = Amateurish, Many Notable Flaws
  • 1    = Shoddy, Embarrassing, Truly Awful

Once you submit your ballot, your evaluation is recorded to the database and cannot be changed except in extreme cases that must be approved by the program manager.

If you have any questions, please contact Rich at info@tahoeartsalliance.org.

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